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Garage Doors Direct Press Release

Release Date: September 18, 2012

Home Improvement Tips to Change Old Doors & Buy a New Garage Door Direct from the Factory


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Good home design includes attention to details.

One of the most influential ways to define the character of a home is the style of the garage door. Because of their size alone, the appearance of the garage, roll up, or carriage doors on your home has a lot of impact on the curb appeal and presentation. There are multiple good reasons to change an old garage door or to invest in an attractive style choice for a new home. Besides aesthetics, new garage doors that are insulated are an effective way to save energy.  Old doors may also be safety or security hazards, especially if they don’t close properly.

The local home improvement store isn’t the best place to buy a new garage door.

The best way to buy a new garage door is to skip as many of the middle steps as possible. This gives you better selection at a better price. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer you can get the same door as you might see at a big box store or private installer but at a reduced price.

Tips to buy a garage door direct

  • Look for a direct seller who offers the door packaged and ready to go. Otherwise, you may find a great price on a new garage door but then realize there could be a packaging fee of $150 or so and a delivery of $200 per door, ruining any potential cost savings you were after.
  • You should be able to either install the door yourself or hire an installer after the fact. Some factory-direct sellers also recommend installers in your area so be sure to ask.
  • Free delivery should be included. Freight and delivery charges for large items like garage doors can be a significant portion of the cost. One of the advantages of working with the right factory-direct source for garage doors is that delivery for anyone within a 50 mile radius of one of hundreds of distribution centers should be free.
  • Look for someone who offers live customer service with trained experts. You may have questions about the correct way to measure, the process in general, or the best choice of door for your property.

Make a quick improvement to your home with a new garage door.

Most people shopping for a new garage door for their home are looking for a few things: a great price, an easy experience, and help that is available if they need it. Even if you know what you’re looking for, you may have questions about measuring considerations or need a tip on finding an installer in your area. Buying new garage doors direct from the factory doesn’t mean you won’t have access to attentive customer care. Buy Garage Doors Direct has experienced customer service experts on hand to answer any questions shoppers may have and they offer free delivery on packaged, ready-to-go garage doors. To get more information on how to buy garage doors direct from the factory or for home improvement tips using garage doors, visit or call 1-877-357-DOOR.

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